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Project Shema's unique program for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Executives and corporate audiences explores antisemitism through the lens of social justice frameworks and addresses common misperceptions about Jews and antisemitism.

Given the importance of creating truly inclusive organizations, we work to ensure the voices and concerns of Jewish employees are incorporated into broader conversations around DEI inside organizations.

Our curriculum not only demonstrates how this form of bigotry has survived and thrived over thousands of years but helps DEI professionals and their organizations better understand the lived realities, history and challenges facing the Jewish people.


Activating Allies

Workshops for elected officials, university faculty, staff, and students, civic leaders, social justice activists, DEI training for C-suite, DEI pros, all staff and Jewish ERG trainings


Understanding Jewish Identity & Antisemitism

60-90 minute virtual or in-person

Most don’t fully understand what it means to be Jewish, what antisemitism is, and how it works. Without this context, it’s difficult for allies to recognize and address anti-Jewish ideas.


This program explores the complex history of antisemitism as a systemic bigotry and the pattern of anti-Jewish harm over thousands of years. With a better understanding of historic anti-Jewish themes and how Jews experience harm, participants walk away with a better understanding of what antisemitism is, the risks Jews face, and why pushing back on antisemitism is so necessary. 

Antisemitism in times of crisis

60-90 minute virtual or in-person

This briefing was developed after October 2023 to help participants navigate the current moment as upstanders and allies for the Jewish community. It provides context on Jewish identity, what antisemitism is, and how anti-Jewish ideas are showing up in discourse around Israel and Palestine.


Our proven strategy for identifying Jewish harm nurtures empathy for all people, creates space for nuance, and respects the politics and values of everyone in the room.


Participants leave with a toolkit to understand and identify anti-Jewish harm. Half the session is dedicated to a brave space conversation and Q&A.

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These resources were created to help Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professionals understand antisemitism and the role it should play within the DEI space. 


You can follow the link below to access the resources. If you are looking for more support, please reach out to us by filling out the form below. 

DEI Resources

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