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Our Work

Our workshops are designed to empower Jewish leaders and activate allies to help Jews and non-Jewish allies slow the spread of anti-Jewish sentiment.


Our work focuses on depolarizing difficult conversations around anti-Jewish harm to strengthen allyship for and within the Jewish community.

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Our approach

We are all socialized into anti-Jewish ideas and must do the work to unpack these bigotries and act as allies. These biases show up everywhere, including in mainstream society and sometimes in Israel & Palestine discourse. When these bigotries and biases become normalized, Jews become dehumanized and isolated in society and Jewish people face collective risk.

All of us have a responsibility to disrupt antisemitism wherever it appears, even and especially when it is our peers who are perpetuating anti-Jewish harm.

We also recognize how antisemitism fuels white supremacy, undermines democracy, and divides efforts toward equity and progress.


Empowering Jewish Leaders

Workshops for Jewish elected officials, college students, activists, lay leaders, institutional professionals and Jewish employees at corporations

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Israeli and Palestinian flags
Project Shema facilitator speaking to a room of students

Nurturing Allyship: Explaining Antisemitism & Jewish Identity

2 hour virtual or in-person

This program explores the historical context of antisemitism as a systemic bigotry, what it is, and how it works. Participants leave with an understanding of anti-Jewish themes and how antisemitism operates, as well as a greater capacity to help others recognize the complex identities and lived experiences of the Jewish people as well as the skills to identify anti-Jewish language, ideas, and harm. There is ample time for conversation and Q&A

Disrupting Anti-Jewish Ideas in the Current Political Climate

90-minute virtual or in-person

This program, developed after October 2023, offers timely analysis, resources, and strategies to address anti-Jewish harm at this moment, including when its carried alongside Israel-Palestine discourse. We explore why anti-Jewish ideas are often going unnoticed, often leading to unintentional harm. Our proven strategy nurtures empathy for all people and creates space for nuance and allyship. This session includes 35-40 minutes of open discussion, processing, and questions.

Intensive Skill-Building Workshops

In-person, hybrid, or fully virtual

This interactive workshop offers tools and strategies to empower Jewish leaders to navigate difficult conversations around antisemitism in contemporary and progressive discourse, including when anti-Jewish ideas are carried alongside Israel & Palestine discourse. Participants learn a relational engagement strategy to depolarize conversations and activate others to act as allies and upstanders for the Jewish community.


Activating Allies

Workshops for elected officials, university faculty, staff, and students, civic leaders, social justice activists, DEI training for C-suite, DEI pros, all staff and Jewish ERG trainings

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Israeli and Palestinian flags at a rally

Understanding Jewish Identity and Antisemitism

60-90 minute virtual or in-person

Most don’t fully understand what it means to be Jewish, what antisemitism is, and how it works. Without this context, it’s difficult for allies to recognize and address anti-Jewish ideas. This program explores the complex history of antisemitism as a systemic bigotry and the pattern of anti-Jewish harm over thousands of years. With a better understanding of historic anti-Jewish themes and how Jews experience harm, participants walk away with a better understanding of what antisemitism is, the risks Jews face, and why pushing back on antisemitism is so necessary.

Briefing: Understanding Antisemitism in the Current Political Climate

60-90-minute virtual or in-person

This briefing was developed after October 2023 to help participants navigate the current moment as upstanders and allies for the Jewish community. It provides context on Jewish identity, what antisemitism is, and how anti-Jewish ideas are showing up in discourse around Israel and Palestine. Our proven strategy for identifying Jewish harm nurtures empathy for all people, creates space for nuance, and respects the politics and values of everyone in the room. Participants leave with a toolkit to understand and identify anti-Jewish harm. Half the session is dedicated to a brave space conversation and Q&A.

Integrating Jewish identity & antisemitism into your DEI practice

Ongoing consulting

Any robust DEI program includes Jewish identity, antisemtism education, and a Jewish Employee Resource Group. Whether you have one, none, or all of the above, we can help advise you on launching or improving your efforts. Let us know how we can help.


Where we work

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College Students

Campus & School

Our campus and K-12 programs help student leaders, teachers and administration identify & address anti-Jewish harm

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Training Jewish student leaders

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Training Jewish staff and teachers 

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Engaging key stakeholders, including administration, DEI staff, student life and support staff, and educators

Civic & Community

Our training workshops & ongoing support empower Jewish leaders with the understanding & skills to address anti-Jewish ideas that emerge from the left

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Programming for Jewish organizations & leaders

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Training & support for Jewish communal professionals & lay leaders

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Stang-up Meeting


Our corporate program explores antisemitism through progressive lenses to addresses common misperceptions about Jews and antisemitism

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Antisemitism education for organizations & DEI Professionals

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Training & support for Jewish Employees & Jewish ERGs

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