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Havi Carrillo-Klein

Community Engagement Manager

Havi Carrillo-Klein is a passionate social impact organizer and consultant focused on antisemitism, racism, and the intersections of systems of oppression. As the Religious Action Center’s Ohio organizer, Project Shema’s Community Engagement Manager, and in her independent consultancy, Havi spends her time deep in the trenches of the key issues impacting American Jewish communities today.

While studying Environmental Justice and Jewish Studies at Oberlin College, Havi built an on-campus initiative to tackle the toxic polarization arising from the campus conversation on Israel and Palestine. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Havi continued constructing and executing learning cohorts and international travel delegations in her role at Cambridge Heath Ventures, a small consulting firm focused on social impact through bridge building practices.

Between delegations of artists, philanthropists, college students, corrections officers, labor leaders and more, Havi has worked with a broad range of communities to tackle wedge issues and build strong coalitions of intersecting identities. After working closely with corrections and probation officers for several years on bipartisan criminal justice reform, Havi’s work shifted to focus primarily on antisemitism, racism and the way Israel/Palestine shows up as a roadblock in progressive coalitions in the United States.

Havi lives in downtown Cleveland, Ohio where she can be found rooting for the Cleveland Browns or browsing new reads at Loganberry Books.

Havi Carrillo-Klein
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