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bridges through understanding

Project Shema is a training and support organization focused on addressing contemporary antisemitism with an emphasis on how anti-Jewish ideas and implicit biases can be carried alongside conversations about Israel and Palestine.


Built by progressive Jews, our programs focus on depolarizing difficult conversations around anti-Jewish harm to strengthen allyship for and within the Jewish community.



Who we support 

A Project Shema facilitator speaks to a class of students

Campus & Schools

Our campus and K-12 programs help student leaders, teachers & administration identify & address anti-Jewish harm

A Project Shema facilitator explains our concepts

Civic & Community

Our training workshops & ongoing support empower Jewish leaders with the understanding & skills to address anti-Jewish ideas emerging on the left

Two Project Shema facilitators on stage presenting


Our corporate program explores antisemitism through progressive lenses to addresses common misperceptions about Jews & antisemitism


What we do

A Project Shema guide page
A Project Shema facilitator speaks to a class of students

Training Workshops

Our workshops empower Jewish leaders and allies with the skills &  understanding needed to navigate difficult conversations about antisemitism

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Training for Jewish organizations, communal professionals & lay leaders

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Training for non-Jewish Allies in corporate, non-profit and political organizations

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Training for staff, administration, and students in schools and on campuses

Antisemitism Education

Our antisemitism education is for Jewish, and non-Jewish audiences, organizations, and corporations working to create more inclusive spaces

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Programming for all professional settings including all-staff presentations on antisemitism

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Education and support for corporations integrating antisemitism into DEI curriculums

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Facilitation, strategies and support for safe space dialogue

A page from Project Shema's guides
A Project Shema facilitator speaks to a full room of participants
A page from a Project Shema guide for allies
A Project Shema facilitator helps a participant

Resources & Support

We provide tactical guidance & resources covering key topics. Our facilitators provide ongoing support to address challenges as they happen

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Ongoing training & support sessions

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Engagement & conversation strategies and guidance

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Resource guides on understanding & addresssing challenging topics


The impact of Project Shema

"After Project Shema, I finally feel like I can see some hope"

I have felt so unsafe since October 7th and each day has gotten progressively worse. Watching my peers, colleagues and friends being consumed by fear, worry and trauma has been incredibly difficult. I have to admit it has been hard to see any way out of the situation we are currently in.


After attending Project Shema's session, I finally feel like I can see some hope. I cannot express my gratitude for this enough. I can feel the energy shifting away from fear and leaning towards empowerment and agency.





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